Monday, August 30, 2010

Free pie birds from Le Creuset

Free ceramic pie birds from Le Creuset
We are excited about this latest special offer from Le Creuset - a free ceramic pie bird when you buy a 19cm pie dish. (The pie dish is also on offer at only €14.00, thats 33% off the normal rrp)
The pie bird is available via redemption - you just fill in the form that comes with the pie dish and send it away saying what colour bird you need to match your pie dish. Its such a lovely idea and looks very impressive.
So, how do you use a pie bird?
Simply place the pie bird funnel in the centre of the dish before covering the pie with the pastry lid. Roll out the pastry lid, cut a small “X” shape at the centre. Lift the pastry lid into place, lining up the “X” cut with the birds head. Gently press the cut edges at the centre around the shoulders of the bird. The top of the funnel should poke up through the pastry. Trim excess pastry from the pie edge and finish as required, or as the recipe suggests