Thursday, January 22, 2009


I am very new to this blogging lark so please excuse any mistakes! I am passionate about cooking, the preparation of wonderful food, the books, the magazines, the TV shows and the equipment and tools required to produce these feasts. I opened a Kitchen Shop - The Kitchen Dresser - in 1999 and then entered the digital world with the Kitchen Dresser website shortly afterwards. I try to road test everything we sell, the gadgets, cookware, bakeware as much as I can so I can stand by what we sell.

With this blog I would like to share with you how I use these marvellous accoutrements that will transform us aspiring Nigella’s, Jamie’s, Gordan’s, et al into michelin-starred chefs in our own homes! I will share my own experiences, recipes and tips and I really hope to get some back in return.

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